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Nº5 Leading Change: The One Thousand Days Paddy Miller’s theory

A maximum of three years. That is how long, in Paddy Miller’s experience and according to recent studies, a manager should remain in any given post. Or to put it another way: three years is how long it takes for a leader to make the necessary changes and complete her/his mission, after which she/he may be replaced” – IESE Insight

As a result managers stay in their positions 1.000 days as an average.

Based on that theory, I have asked to 244 executives from 5 different countries attending that Leading Change session:

How many days as an average have you stayed in each position along your career?

As per participants answers, those managers have had an average stay in their positions close to 1.000 days.

I have registered the answers since October 2017. The average number of days has been: 1.160 days. Meaning that the system makes executives to stay close to 1000 days maximum in their positions as an average, either because companies offer them new posts or because incumbents look for another position/job.

Underneath we have the last 8 times I have delivered the session in different cities in Europe, in countries as diverse as Spain, Armenia, Georgia, Greece and Slovenia:

  1. 71% of participants mentioned that they stayed in their positions 1000 days as an average. Including in that number Thessaloniki ‘s May 13, 2018 participants with a 12,3% difference.

  2. In Valencia we got 2.100 days. Many participants coming from local family companies and with an average age of 45 years old.

  3. In Bled (Slovenia) we got 817 days, having participants as an average 5 years of professional experience.

  4. The reading being based on the underneath observations, that when you are at the beginning of your career (5 years) the average time you stay in each position is less than 1.000 days (however not far), and when you become more senior, you stay longer in your posts (in the Valencia case twice as much).

Make your own calculation and see whether you are in the 1.000 days as an average per position or not.WhereWhenParticipants Avg. daysZaragozaOctubre 2017241087BarcelonaFebruary, 2018561095YerevanFebruary, 2018231004GeorgiaMarch 3, 2018151051ValenciaMarch 12, 2018222100ThessalonikiMay 12, 2018311006ThessalonikiMay 13, 2018251123BledJune 30, 2018488172449283Avg. days1160

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