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Nº3 The Best Office is In the Field

Along with IESE Business School and FC Barcelona, we have developed a Barça Experience program that allows participants to discuss the IESE business case “FC Barcelona & La Masia: Developing World Class talent” and to practice different exercises in the field for them to feel First Line training.

It’s about reflecting on Talent Development learning from FC Barcelona that has built High Performance Teams based on a Talent Centric model.

One of the examples I like to share with participants to illustrate the importance of experiencing First Line also in business is showing the pics where Johan Cruyff, Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique are sitting on a football ball in the field, watching how their players are performing.

In sports and business, key things happen in the Field. Walk the market. Have a Front-Line obsession to learn about your people’s performance. Make of the Field your Best Office.

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Nº11 Career Development of an Individual

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