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Nº11 Career Development of an Individual

While fine tuning the Lecture about this topic I feel like sharing some thoughts.

It’s about taking control of our destiny. It’s about taking ownership of our professional life. It’s about having honest and deep conversations with yourselves about our aspiration, our dream, where we want to play and what are the abilities and capabilities needed. Let’s talk often with ourselves. Reflect about where we are and where we want to go and close that gap as we grow.

Many things will change regarding future jobs and occupations. However there are things I do not see changing, such as People Skills. It will keep being critical to reinforce our self-confidence, thru knowing ourselves very well, and gaining ability to communicate to connect with people and to build relationships. Firstly with ourselves and secondly with others.

On top of Hard Skills, I see the need of true reinforcement of People/Social Skills that certainly will position ourselves better to succeed.

Attitude will keep making the difference, one step ahed of Aptitudes. And Time Management and Mind Management will also keep being relevant. Let’s master our time and mind.

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