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Nº1 Find a Boss that Fights for You

Many times, we think of job hunting as being the most important thing. I encourage people to think different in the sense that instead of looking for a job, the priority should be to hunt for a growth path. And you find a growth path in companies that give you opportunities to grow and where you find a boss that wanted you to grow. A boss that fights for you. A boss that gives you opportunities, or much better, that creates opportunities for you, aligned with your abilities. Being a boss is never more about just doing the boss’ job, let’s say the technical part, but growing people. Therefore, look for and find a boss that fights for you.

In my case I found that in PepsiCo early in my career. A great company where bosses-managers were expected to create opportunities for their people to grow.

Find that company, find that boss!

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Nº11 Career Development of an Individual

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