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Miquel Lladó

Inspiring Companies for an Innovative Future

Prof. of Strategic Management & Leadership

Senior Management Advisor

1,592 sessions to

27,777 executives from

104 countries

"Falling in love with the future"
English Edition 

Spanish Edition "Enamorarse del Futuro"

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Go Beyond & Blinders-off 

Senior Lecturer at IESE Business School.

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  • Senior Lecturer at IESE Business School. Since 2009 delivered 763 IESE sessions to 18,121 executives from 77 nationalities. Academic Director.

  • Author of the book: Falling in Love with the Future (2021), Enamorarse del Futuro (2020), Enamorar-se del Futur (Catalan) (2021), Zaljubiti se v Prihodnost (Slovenian) (2021)

  • Co-Author of the IESE Business Cases: “FC Barcelona & La Masia: Developing World Class Talent” 2018, "Ricoh Spain: Reshaping Culture for Digital Transformation" 2017, "Dorna Sports: Managing the MotoGP World Championship" 2017 and, "Ricoh Spain: Implementing Transformation" 2015.

  • Visiting professor at IEDC Bled School of Management-Slovenia; The University of Sheffield International Faculty; AESE Business School in Portugal, WU Vienna University Executive Academy, and IEEM Escuela de Negocios Universidad de Montevideo. Deliveries as a visiting professor and to Corporations: 663 sessions to 8,117 executives from 64 nationalities in 24 countries: Slovenia, Brazil, Russia, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Armenia, Ukraine, UK, Georgia, Slovakia, China, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Italy, Peru, USA, Luxembourg, Ireland and France.

Senior Management Advisor.

  • Senior Advisor to CEOs and Executive Teams on Strategy Formulation & Implementation.


  •  Currently Member of 4 Advisory Boards: Vallformosa (Winery), Norma Door Technologies (Doors), NetipBox (Digital Signage) and Adelsys (Electrical solutions).

  • Former CEO Sara Lee Bakery Europe-Bimbo.  Former VP PepsiCo Foods Spain

  • Sectors advised 21: Pharma, Chemical, Transportation, Aviation, Government, Food, Beverages, Recycling, Plastic, Education, Home Care, Small Appliances, Private Banking, Automotive supplies, Digital, Tissue & Paper, , Online, Electrical and Electromechanical systems, Construction (Doors), Restaurant, Cosmetics

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  • Views per month (December 2021): 120,670

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One Thousand Days To Make A Difference
Miquel Lladó

One Thousand Days To Make A Difference


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