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Nº22 Never put on a Long Term too short, to make you think you cannot change anything

19 March, 2019

This week we are enjoying Strategy sessions with UK Active at IESE Barcelona.

UK Active is the association of Fitness companies, with the long-standing and uncompromising vision of getting more people, more active, more often. Committed to improving the health of the nation through promoting active lifestyles.

During sessions we were discussing about the length of a Long-term. How many years we have to think forward? Many answers. Some saying 18 months, some 3 years, some 5 years, some 10 years. Hardly longer than that. Reason being that are many things that are not under our control. Which is the right length?

During the discussion we came to a powerful reflection: “Never put yourself in such a short Long Term period of time that it makes you think you cannot change anything”. Because if you make that Long Term that short, you don’t even start trying. Example: Challenge: Change company’s culture in 6 months. Reaction: We don’ even start, because we know is not going to happen. However if we say: Let’s change the culture of the company in 5 years time. Reaction: We see it feasible so, we start moving. Then the name of the game is to make change happen in less than 5 years. Too short of a long term is not a brilliant idea. Give room to your Long Term.

It’s about mindset and it’s about getting on the move.

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