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Nº15 Who Gave You The First Opportunity?

2 December, 2018

A good start makes all difference in business.

Today I watched the movie A Star Is Born, the Lady Gaga version, and it brought to my mind, that magical moment when someone gives you that first opportunity in your professional life.That “you will do good!” or that “take the stage!”. Somebody that wants you to succeed. That someone that thinks that you are ready when you think you are not.

Who gave you that first opportunity?, or maybe you were lucky enough to have several first opportunities along your life. Many of us have in mind that person/those ones, that gave us that very first chance to prove that we could make it as we were taking new steps in our careers. Those that invited us to be part of a project that would help us to grow. That created the environment to help us to shine. That saw something in us that we were not able to see. Surrounded us by that kind of people that get the best from us. I do remember the moments and the people that gave me those several first opportunities. I am thankful to all of them.

Whom have you given the first opportunity to? It’s always a good time to give opportunities to others. In fact the role of executives is to create opportunities for the business and also for people. Any time is the right one to encourage others to take that project, that position, that step that will make a difference in their professional lives.

How many people would say that you gave them a first opportunity? 

It does not matter how big that number is today, let’s make it bigger!

It’s about helping yourself and helping your project to grow, through growing others.




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