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Nº17 Cuatro pasos para gestionar la agenda con éxito

10 December, 2018

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Nº16 It’s you hiring your boss!

6 December, 2018

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Nº15 Who Gave You The First Opportunity?

2 December, 2018

A good start makes all difference in business. Today I watched the movie A Star Is Born, the Lady Gaga version, and it brought to my mind, that magical moment when someone gives you that first opportunity in your professional life.That “you will do good!” or that “take the stage!”. Somebody that wants you to […]

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Nº14 It happened again, this time in Bratislava

27 November, 2018

It happened again this time with a group in Bratislava. Participants coming from Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Croatia. When asked the 26 executives from a leading global insurance company How many days as an average in a position along their careers? , the aggregated average number was 1,112 days. The average […]

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Nº13 Nuevas sesiones sobre Amazon Go

17 November, 2018

Esta mañana dada una nueva sesión sobre Amazon Go, esta vez en Barcelona. Era jornada Open Day para el EMBA de IESE Business School. Un total de 38 profesionales han asistido. La sesión permite conocer lo que está haciendo Amazon Go y reflexionar sobre posible aplicación a nuestra empresa o sector. Las siguientes reflexiones sobre […]

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