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Nº22 Never put on a Long Term too short, to make you think you cannot change anything

19 March, 2019

This week we are enjoying Strategy sessions with UK Active at IESE Barcelona. UK Active is the association of Fitness companies, with the long-standing and uncompromising vision of getting more people, more active, more often. Committed to improving the health of the nation through promoting active lifestyles. During sessions we were discussing about the length […]

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Nº21 Control your calendar

27 February, 2019

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Nº20 La importancia de escuchar, para hacer pensar

3 February, 2019

Me gusta mucho este concepto de escuchar para animar a la gente a pensar. Con ello se consigue involucración y compromiso, que al final es lo que precisamos en toda organización, empezando por nosotros mismos. Jack Welch, articula esta idea en el libro que se escribió sobre él: ” Control Your Destiny or Someone Else […]

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