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30th May 2019

Strategy & Leadership sessions


30th May 2019

Conference "The CEO Agenda" - Asemer


04th June 2019

Globalization - E-session Henkel

06th June 2019

Scouting, Developing & Retaining Talent - FC Barcelona

Cluj, Romania

12th June 2019

"The CEO Agenda" session - EMBA

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24th May 2019

Strategy & Leadership sessions - EMBA


22nd May 2019

Amazon Go - EMBA Open Day

IESE Business School, Barcelona

22nd May 2019

Conference to a Multinational Sports Company - Original Buff

Santa Coloma de Farnés

13th May 2019

Leadership sessions - ERSTE Bank program's Academic Director

IESE Business School, Barcelona

06th May 2019

Strategy & Leadership - The Adecco Group


02nd May 2019

Rethinking the Multigenerational Workforce

Dale Carnegie Barcelona

24th April 2019

E-session Master Class on Amazon Go

IESE Business School, Barcelona

20th April 2019

Strategy Sessions

Kyiv, Ukraine

13th April 2019

Strategy sessions

Tbilisi, Georgia

04th April 2019

Future & Value conference - Ricoh Spain & Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal