Next events

21st November 2019

Generational workforce - ABE


25th November 2019

Estrategia - PDD Zaragoza 2019


04th December 2019

FC Barcelona - McDonalds

09th December 2019

Strategy - Croatia Osiguranje


Previous events

14th November 2019

High Performance Teams - FC Barcelona / IESE GloBal Alumni Reunion

IESE Business School, BArcelona

07th November 2019

Amazon Go - Open program

Munich, IESE Business School

29th October 2019

Workshop on Innovation - Vall Companys


28th October 2019

Corporate Boards session - IESE MBA

IESE Business School, Barcelona

23rd October 2019

Conference - Andimac Association


17th October 2019

High Performance Teams - Ferrer Pharma

Sitges, Greater Barcelona Area

16th October 2019

Glovo: Conquering the Last Mile - Next Gen Leaders Hub / CEO Clubs


27th September 2019

The CEO Agenda & Strategy sessions - Executive Education

AESE Business School, Lisbon, Portugal

25th September 2019

Amazon Go - Open Day

IESE Business School, Madrid

20th September 2019

The CEO Agenda - UHY

Malaga, Spain

18th September 2019

Globalization - Henkel

IESE Business School, Barcelona

17th September 2019

The Barça Experience - Abbvie Leadership Future

IESE Business School, Barcelona

03rd September 2019

High Performance Teams - Leadership - FC Barcelona School of Talent

AmCham Peru

22nd July 2019

Ricoh & Factores Clave de Éxito - PDD Valencia 2019

IESE Business School Valencia

16th July 2019

Entrevista debat amb Xantal Llavina i Ignasi Giró - Premis Impacte

Col.legi Publicitaris i RP de Catalunya, Barcelona

15th July 2019

Amazon Go - IESE PDD Valencia 2019

IESE Business School Valencia

12th July 2019

Amazon Go - Sealed Air

Viladecans, Spain

11th July 2019

Revival 2º aniversario IESE PDD 3 2017 - Moderación

IESE Business School, Barcelona

08th July 2019

The Rise and Fall of BlackBerry - PDD Valencia 2019

IESE Business School, Barcelona

04th July 2019

Strategy & Leadership sessions - Croatia Osiguranje

Tuhelj, Croatia

01st July 2019

Strategy & Zara sessions - PDD Valencia 2019

IESE Business School, Valencia, Spain

27th June 2019

Beyond the Future in Leadership

Ambrosetti - IESE Business School, Bologna, Italy

26th June 2019

Amazon Go

IESE Business School, Milano, Italy

26th June 2019

What's the Job of a CEO?

Camera di Commercio Ufficiale di Spagna in Italia - IESE Business School - Milano, Italy

14th June 2019

Amazon Go Open e-session - Executive Education IESE

IESE Business School

12th June 2019


IESE Business School, Barcelona

04th June 2019

Globalization e-session - Henkel

IESE Business School

31st May 2019

Strategy & Leadership sessions - EMBA

Sheffield, Bucharest

30th May 2019

The CEO Agenda "Being Busy is Not a Value" conference - Asemer


24th May 2019

Strategy & Leadership sessions - EMBA


22nd May 2019

Amazon Go - EMBA Open Day

IESE Business School, Barcelona

22nd May 2019

Conference to a Multinational Sports Company - Original Buff

Santa Coloma de Farnés

13th May 2019

Leadership sessions - ERSTE Bank program's Academic Director

IESE Business School, Barcelona

06th May 2019

Strategy & Leadership - The Adecco Group


02nd May 2019

Rethinking the Multigenerational Workforce

Dale Carnegie Barcelona

24th April 2019

E-session Master Class on Amazon Go

IESE Business School, Barcelona

20th April 2019

Strategy Sessions

Kyiv, Ukraine

13th April 2019

Strategy sessions

Tbilisi, Georgia

04th April 2019

Future & Value conference - Ricoh Spain & Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal