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Nº8 Sesión de Amazon Go en Palma de Mallorca

8 October, 2018

Dada la sesión sobre Amazon Go en Palma de Mallorca, como Open Day de programas del IESE. En la sala 65 ejecutivos-profesionales preparados para abrir la mente para ver como la propuesta de Amazon Go puede impactar en sus sectores o proyectos. Veamos las respuestas a las distintas preguntas planteadas: Pregunta: ¿Cuántos de vosotros estáis […]

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Nº6 Good Housekeeping partners with Amazon to launch a Pop-up shop in Minnesota, USA

4 October, 2018

 Amazon is breaking paradigms again. “Within GH Lab, shopping is completely divorced from buying” “No inventory in the store needed” Chris Walton. Watch Chris Walton’s, Forbes, 1:48 minute video about his experience in the “Amazon and GH (Good Housekeeping)” Lab: The store has opened in Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. It will be […]

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Nº4 When Amazon brings its best shopping experience, many are ready for it!

26 September, 2018

Just delivered an Amazon Go session at IESE Business School Madrid to 87 executives. Good reflections about what Amazon is doing. The market trend was moving toward online stores and now Amazon is going offline. During the sessions we asked five questions: Question: How many of you come from the supermarket sector? Answer: 7. Question: […]

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