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Prof. Strategy & Leadership I Advisor I Former CEO Sara Lee Bakery Europe-Bimbo Bread

889 sessions

12,022 executives

93 countries

Let's Write the Future

Lecturer at IESE Business School.

Since 2009 delivered 528 IESE Strategy sessions in 166 programs to 9,955 executives (2,393 via webinar or e-session) from 70 countries.

How participants describe Miquel Lladó? 

Top executive Pharma company, Belgrade program May 2019:
-“By far one of the most amazing, unique, and very inspiring individuals I have ever met”

Participant from Apple after the IESE Amazon Go e-session master class on April 25, 2019:
-“Spectacular lecture. In Apple we are constantly applying many tips you shared during the session. Glad to see we are aligned with Amazon”

Participant from India, at the Strategy program delivered in Tbilisi, Georgia on April 13-14, 2019:
– “Your analysis and strategic thinking are awesome…First time seen in my lifetime somebody so clarified…”

UK Active “Future Leaders Programme” at IESE Business School, Barcelona March 23, 2019:
-“Great educator and facilitator, high energy and good use of sources (additional reading), great that he has such a strong experience level and international background
-“Really engaging and inspiring, his delivery and teaching style were excellent”
-“An amazing teaching style and fantastic ability to engage with individuals around him”
-“So inspirational, insightful and engaging. It was fantastic”

Visiting professor at IEDC Bled School of Management-Slovenia; The University of Sheffield International Faculty; AESE Business School in Portugal and, WU Vienna University Executive Academy. Delivered 354 Strategy & Leadership sessions to 2,033 executives from 56 countries in Slovenia, Russia, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Armenia, Ukraine, UK, Georgia, and Slovakia.

Senior Management Advisor. 

Advisor to CEOs and Executive Teams on Strategy Formulation & Implementation, through his own firm Peak Business Advisory, founded in February 2008. Strategic Thinking approaches:  How to Become a More Effective CEO? –  Strategy in One Page  –  Everybody Needs a Mentor  –  Being Busy Is Not A Value –

Senior Management Advisory to 19 sectors: Pharma, Chemical, Transportation, Aviation, Government, Food, Beverages, Recycling, Plastic, Education, Advertising, Home Care, Small Appliances, Private Banking, Automotive supplies, Digital, Tissue & Paper, Online, and Construction.

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